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When it comes to North-western Italy, the most evoked city in everyone’s mind would be Portofino.  We admit that Portofino amazingly...

When it comes to North-western Italy, the most evoked city in everyone’s mind would be Portofino. We admit that Portofino amazingly takes your breath away, but we personally prefer another tranquil city. As we wanted to spend our holiday at any place where is scenic, calm, and of course uncrowded, we chose to absorb Mediterranean breeze at La Spezia, a panoramic province where we can have a peaceful evening walk by a large natural harbor.

Not only the massive fascinating port, but Levanto, a slow-moving village located 40 kilometers away to the north and covered by multicolored construction, also impressed us. Levanto is surrounded by magnificent mountains. You can get around by walking, hike to the mountains, or even get on a train to visit the Cinque Terre villages in a day.

For those who really need a relaxation, need to get close to beautiful nature that hasn’t been destroyed by tourists yet, or need to escape the busy city life, we could say that La Spezia and Levanto are the good options.

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  1. Great photos. My getaway destination would be Chiang Mai, Thailand. I visited the city once many years ago. The city was very unique and the people were so nice. If I have a chance, I will definitely visit it again and I will stay there for as long as I can.

  2. It'd be so nice to spend a chill day here! I love the clear blue sky and its relaxing atmosphere so much.
    By the way, my dream getaway destination is Iceland. I would absolutely go seeking for beautiful Northern lights and having the best adventure holiday of my life there. Just thinking about it makes me excited already (lol)

  3. gorgeous photos!! My dream destination is Thailand! I would love to live like the locals for a few weeks and experience all of what Thailand has to offer. The people seem friendly and it looks like such an exciting city to be in!




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